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vazhakkai bajji

A bajji is a spicy Indian snack or entree dish similar to a fritter, with several variants. There are various type of bajji available such as onion bajji,potato bajji,milagai bajji or bread bajji. Vazhakkai bajji is my most favorite bajji and a good tea time snack. The best combo is to have it with coconut chutney. Lets learn the method of making vazhakkai bajji.

vazhakkai bajji

Preparation Time:10 mints| Cooking Time : 15 mints|Severs: 12 bajji


Vazhakkai - 1/2 large sized

Oil - for frying

To mix :

Besan flour - 6 tbspn

Rice flour - 3 tbspn Salt - 1 tbspn

Baking soda - pinch (optional)

Hing - 1/4 tbspn

Turmeric - 1/4 tbspn

Red chili powder - 1 tbspn

Water as required


1.Cut the edges and peel the skin completely. Then cut it into thin slices lengthwise using bajji slicer . In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients to mix . Add the required amount of water and make it to the bajji batter.

2. Then add the baking soda and mix well.Bajji batter should not be too thick nor too thin. Dip the vazhakkai both sides in batter and remove the excess batter as shown in pic 3. Heat oil in the kadai and when its hot reduce the flame to medium flame. Then drop in the hot oil.

3.Fry it by turning on all sides. Remove from oil once the bubbles stopped. Then add it to the paper towels.

Repeat the process for all bajji. Bajji is ready to serve with coconut chutney.

vazhakkai bajji

My Notes :

1. While mixing the water to batter add little by little. If batter is too thick it sticks to vazhakkai easily but it forms thick coating and takes lot of time to cook. If batter is too thin it ll be watery and wont stick .

2. Always keep oil in low to medium flame while deep frying. If oil is too hot or frying in high flame may cause bajji to cook outer layer easily . Inside it ll be raw.

3. Adding baking soda is optional.

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