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Posting back the recipes really after a long break. So starting with a sweet recipe for a fresh comeback...

Sweet Potato Payasam / Sakaravalli Kizhangu Payasam is a kheer variety made with sweet potato boiled in milk, This is very rich and creamy dessert . Adding of cane sugar gives a beautiful color to the kheer. I tasted this kheer in a wedding and i liked the taste. Lets quickly look at the recipe.

Preparation Time : 10 mints | Cooking Time : 30 mints | Serves : 3 - 4

Ingredients :

Sweet Potato - 100gm / 1 medium size

Grated Coconut - 2 tbspn

Milk - 2 cups ( boiled and cooled )

Cane Sugar - 1/2 cup

Ghee - 2 tbspn

Saffron - as needed

Chopped Nuts - as needed

Method :

1. Wash , peel the sweet potato and grate it . Heat the pressure cooker and add a tbspn of ghee. Add the grated sweet potato and coconut. Saute in ghee for 2 mins to the raw smell goes away.

2. Add 2 cups of milk to it and mix well. Pressure cook in low flame for 4 whistles. After pressure releases open the cooker and mix well. (If u feared about milk will come out put a small steel plate inside the cooker along with milk and pressure cook it. This helps to avoid spilling of milk.)

3. Add few saffron strands and boil for 2 mins. Then add the cane sugar and mix well.

4. Fry the chopped nuts in remaining ghee. Once the sugar dissolved , add the nuts to kheer and mix well. Turn off the stove.

Sweet potato kheer is ready to serve..!!

My Notes :

1. Instead of cane sugar you can add white sugar.

2. You can also caramelize the sugar and add it to the kheer.

3. Adjust the sugar according to your taste.

4. If you want to skip saffron you can also add cardamom powder along with sugar.


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