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Beetroot Halwa is a very simple and easy dessert recipe that can be made in no time . It taste delicious and rich sweet. Lets quickly look at the method of making this halwa.

Preparation Time : 30 mints | Cooking Time : 30 mints | Serves : 3 - 4

Ingredients :

Beetroot - 2 Medium Sized

Milk - 500 ml (boiled and cooled)

Sugar - 3/4 cup

Ghee - 4 tbspn

Cashew - few chopped

Method :

1. Wash beetroot , trim edges and peel the skin. Grate the beetroot using the medium size greater. In a pan , heat 2 tbspn of ghee and add grated beetroots. Saute for 5 mints in low flame, till the raw smell goes off.

2. Add milk and cook in low flame. After 10 mints the beetroot become soft and cooked in milk completely. Then it form bubbles and starts the milk reduces.

3. Remove the milk residues that settle on sides and mix with the beets. Once the milk reduced add the sugar and mix well. Once added sugar, it will again become runny.

4. Keep stirring well. Once it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Add 2 tbspn ghee and fry the cashews in ghee and add to it. Mix well and cook for minute. Switch off the flame.

Delicious beetroot halwa ready to serve..!

My Notes :

1. Adjust sugar as per taste and sweetness of beetroot.

2. Saute beetroot in ghee till raw smell leaves completely.

3. You can also add cardamom powder along with sugar.


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