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Peanut Ladoo is a traditional ladoo variety which is very simple and easy to make. Its made with the roasted peanuts and jaggery along with the flavor of cardamom. This is very healthy and perfect for the snacks.

peanut ladoo

This is my grandmas recipe and my favorite ladoo from childhood. Also its a prefect one for the peanut lovers. Lets look at the steps for making this ladoo.

peanut ladoo

Preparation Time: 20 mints | Cooking Time : 15 mints | Makes : 12 ladoo

Ingredients :

Raw Peanuts – 1 cup Powdered Jaggery – 3/4 cup Cardamom powder – 1/2 tspn

Method :

1. Heat the kadai and roast the peanuts in medium flame till the skin crackles. Switch off the flame & allow it to cool completely.

2. Remove the skin of roasted peanuts by rubbing with hands or with davara base. Now take the roasted peanuts in a mixie jar. Grind it to a fine powder then add cardamom powder and jaggery to it.

3. Grind it to mix well. Transfer the ground mixture to a plate and mix well evenly.

4. Make them into even balls to make ladoo. Repeat the process to make all ladoo. Store them in air tight jar.

Peanut ladoo is ready to serve..!!

peanut ladoo

My Notes :

1. No need of ghee or oil to make ladoo.

2. Grinding the peanuts is as per our choice either fine or coarse.

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