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Dates ladoo is the most easiest & healthiest ladoo and its my family favorite ladoo variety. It has no sugar. It is naturally sweetened by dates. This can be had as evening snacks. It can be given to the kids daily as one ball with snacks. This ladoo has no proper ratio of ingredients. You can alternate with the nuts of your choice. This is also called as energy ladoo.

This is very simple and easy to make in no time. This is the perfect sweets for party and for gifts during diwali. Also kids not liked eating nuts will also love this ladoo. Lets look at the method of making this ladoo .

Preparation Time:20 mints| Cooking Time : 5 mints|Severs: 10 - 15 balls

Ingredients :

Dates - 1.5 cups

Cashew - 1/3 cup

Almonds - 1/3 cup

Pista - 1/3 cup

Ghee - 2 tbspn + greasing

Procedure :

1. Measure the dates and nuts. Dry roast the nuts for 3 mints on stove top and set them aside. Remove seeds and chop the dates into pieces. Today i used seedless.

2. Take the roasted nuts to the mixer and give a single pulse and crumble them. Remove the nuts and add the dates to the blender.

3. Grind the dates in the mixer to a coarse mixture. In a non stick heavy bottom pan heat the ghee and add the blended dates. Mix well and cook for 2-3 mints by keeping the flame in low , since it may get burnt easily.

4. Then add the chopped nuts and mix the dates , nuts and ghee well. Once all mix well turn off the flame . Then transfer it to the plate .

5. Grease the hand with little ghee and make balls. Repeat the process to make all balls. Once cool down store it.

Dates ladoo is ready to serve.

Dates ladoo

My Notes :

1.You can also add fig,raisins,walnut or other dry fruits or nuts of your choice.

2.You can also add either coconut or poppy seeds to enhance the flavor. If so dry roast the coconut or poppy seeds and add to it.

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