Pavakkai chips / Bitter guard chips is a famous one in Hot chips in India. Even the pavakkai(Bitter guard) haters also love this recipe. This crunchy texture tempts all of us more. It can be had as the side dish for main course and also as snacks along with hot coffee . It is very simple to make .


Ingredients :


Pavakkai - 4

Rice flour - 2 tbspn

Corn flour - 1.5 tbspn

Red chili powder - 1 tbspn ( adjust as per the taste)

Turmeric - 1/4 tbspn

Garam masala / Kitchen King Masala - 1/4 tbspn

Salt - to taste


Steps :


1. Cut both the edges and cut the pavakkai into thin slices either with knife or chips cutter. Then remove the seeds from the slices.


2. Take all the ingredients along with pavakkai in the mixing bowl and mix well. sprinkle water if necessary. Rest it for 30 mints.


3. Heat the oil in the pan and once its heated fry the pavakkai in oil with medium heat. Once the bubbles stopped then remove the chips from oil.


Then the crunchy chips is ready to serve.


Notes :


1. Dont add too much flour then once u drop in oil all the flour sediment in oil. Flour is to be just like coating.

2 . If the seeds are not too thick then you can leaves it. We remove seeds just to reduce bitterness.




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