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home made ghee

Ghee is the most important and daily consuming food item in most of the indian families. Ghee is also known as clarified butter and is widely used in many indian cooking. The homemade ghee is more tasty and fresh than the store bought ones. Its very simple and easy to make. Lets learn the procedure of making this ghee from butter at home.

Ingredients :

Unsalted Butter - 500 grams

Steps :

1. Heat the butter in a heavy bottomed kadai . The butter slowly melts down . Keep stirring in between . Once it has melted down completely,keep the gas in low to medium flame to avoid burning. Allow the butter to boil then it becomes frothy.

2. Then it starts to form bubbles and it produce a sound. Once the bubbles are reduced and sound stops the frothy gets collected as top layer. Slowly the ghee turns into golden color. Turn off the stove.

3. At this time if you check ghee is ready. Transfer the ghee in a clean container by filtering it. Once cool down close the ghee and store it for months.

Home made ghee is ready.

home made ghee

My Notes :

1. You can add the curry leaves or drumstick leaves at the last before turning off the heat to get nice flavor to the ghee.

2. You can also add little rock salt / kal uppu at last before turning off to get the residue at the bottom.

3. Once turn off if you feel its hot to transfer . Filter it and cool down then transfer to the jars.

4. Prepare the ghee in low to med flame so that you can avoid ghee from burning.

5. The residue that is settled at bottom can be used to make wheat ladoo .You can add roasted wheat flour and sugar to make ladoos. Else add the wheat flour along with the residue and mix well.Roast in low flame till smell goes then add sugar . Make ladoo.

Instead sometimes we can have it simply in spoon instead of making ladoo.

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