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Sweet somas is a traditional and popular south indian sweet that is made during festivals like deepavali. This is also called as somasi or karchikai. It will be crispy outside and sweet inside. The filling sweet is made of fried coconut,potukadalai,nuts and sugar. This filling may be varied from one place to other. Today lets see the steps of making somas.

sweet somas

Preparation Time : 25 mints | Cooking Time : 30 mints

Ingredients :

Maida - 1 cup

Ghee - 3 tbspn

Rava - 3 tbspn

Salt - pinch

Water - as required

Potukadalai - 1/4 cup

Dry coconut - 1/4 cup

Sugar - 1/3 cup

Cashew - few (optional)

Pista - few (optional)

Cardamom powder - 1 tspn

Oil - For Frying

Steps :

1. In a mixing bowl add the maida,rava,ghee,salt and make it to a dough by adding water little by little. And also beat well with hands. Rest the dough on the counter top for minimum 1 hour. Dry roast the coconut till golden and transfer it to a bowl.

2. In a blender add the pista and cashew. Dry roast the potukadalai till golden and add it to blender. Grind it a coarse powder and add it to bowl. Then add the sugar and cardamom to the blender.

3. Make both sugar and cardamom to fine powder and add it to the bowl. Mix the coconut,powdered sugar and potukadalai powder in a bowl well. Keep the water in a plate and stuffing powder ready. Divide the dough into equal sized balls . Take a ball , flatten and dust it with flour.

4. Flatten the dough with rolling pin and keep the stuffing at the center. Apply the water on all edges of the circular dough. Seal it well like half moon. Press the edges with fork as shown in image.

5. Repeat the process to make all somas. Heat the oil , when the oil is hot add the somas to oil and cook in medium flame. Then transfer it to paper towels. Once cool down store in air tight container.

Hot and crunchy somasi are ready to serve.

Sweet somas

My Notes :

  • Adding cashew and pista is optional. If you don't want avoid adding it.

  • I used dry coconut and roasted well. You can add the fresh coconut too. But dry roast till all the moisture releases and became dry.

  • In stuffing you can also add 2 tbspn of roasted and grinded poppy seeds then powder and add it. It gives more flavor.

  • Dont make the outer layer too thick. Then it ll be hard outside. It should be thin so that you get crispy somas.

  • Beat the dough well to get crispy somas.

  • You can also use somas press to make the somasi.

  • Somas spoon is also available. Instead of fork you can use that to cut edges.

  • If you did not seal the somas properly and came out . It will spoil the oil. So seal carefully.

  • Instead of water you can also use maida paste to seal somas.

  • If you have the filling extra add ghee and make it to balls as ladoo.

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