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Vazhaipoo is also called as banana flower . Many of us think cleaning vazhaipoo is big task.Most of us know the steps for cleaning the vazhaipoo. But thought of sharing with you all my way of cleaning it . So that it may help some people who are new to cooking .Lets look at the steps of cleaning it.


Ingredients :

Vazhaipoo - 1 medium sized

Oil - for greasing hands

Steps :

1. Grease with oil on both hands before cleaning vazhaipoo. This avoid the hands from turning black. Open the petals of the flower and take florets. Keep in hands and rub the top portion of the florets as shown in pic.

2. Remove the two parts in each florets and discard it.The removable parts are called nerambu and thoppul in tamil. Store the florets in a box. Repeat the process for all florets.

3. The inside florets will be very small so only the narambu will be there to remove or in some florets there is nothing to remove. Then t the center,there will be a white cone shaped soft part which you can eat it as such or chop and add it to buttermilk .

4. After removing all florets store in a box and refrigerate it .Remove the vazhaipoo from refrigerator before cooking . Mix water and curd together make the buttermilk. Chop the vazhaipoo finely and immerse it in the buttermilk till u use it for cooking.

My Notes :

1. You can also chop and put in buttermilk previous day itself. Then Use it next day for cooking.

2. Purpose of immersing in buttermilk is to avoid discoloration and bitterness.

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