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Mysore Pak is the traditional south indian dessert or sweet that is rich in ghee. This is originated from Mysore . This is the sweet that is compulsory in south indian marriages. It is the sweet made of ghee , besan in the sugar syrup. They make this mysorepak in two types as a]soft mysorepak and the hard mysorepak.


I love the soft version of mysorepak then the other . These soft Mysore pak melts in mouth no time. It is famous in sweet stalls like krishna sweets in south India.So thought of doing this for Diwali and sharing it here. Lets look at the recipe.


Preparation Time : 10 mints | Cooking Time : 25 mints

Ingredients :

Besan Flour - 1 cup

Ghee - 2.25 cups

Sugar - 2 cups

Water - 1 cup


1. Take the besan flour and sieve them until there is no lumps. Grease the tin or tray with ghee. Take the ghee in a pan and keep in low flame . The ghee should has mild heat until the mysorepak is done.

2. In another pan add the sugar and water . Mix well and allow the sugar to dissolves completely. Once the sugar syrup forms frothy as shown in the picture.

3. Reduce the flame to low and add the besan flour to the sugar syrup. Mix well and remove all the lumps. Initially lumps will be there, but if you keep on mixing it will dissolves completely. Once lumps dissolved back the flame to medium and then add the ghee little by little and keep on mixing well.

4. While adding ghee little by little it absorbs the ghee and cook well. Once it forms frothy from sides and forms like a mass by leaving the sides then turn off the gas.

5. Pour it in a greased plate and press it with back side of laddle or flat vessels by applying the ghee on it. Once its slightly cooled down put the pieces . Once its cooled down completely remove the pieces. If you turn upside down it ll come out automatically.

Now the mouth melting ghee mysorepak is ready.

Mysore pak

Notes :

1.I did not roast the besan flour. If you feel like raw then you can go for it.

2. While removing the lumps of besan you can bring the lumps to sides and break it Or break the lumps by keeping two laddle and press between.

3. If you feel tough to dissolve the lumps in sugar syrup then mix the besan flour with half cup of ghee and mix well without lumps and add to it.

4. You can increase the sugar and ghee as per the taste.

5. If you like you can add the cardamom to the sugar syrup.

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