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maida biscuit

Sweet Maida biscuit is also called as Shankarpali / Diamond biscuit . This can be made in both sweet and savory version. This is the most popular and easiest snack variety which is made during Diwali . Its a perfect tea time snack . This sweet biscuit is with the mild sugar and ghee and tastes awesome.

maida biscuit

Preparation Time:15 mints| Cooking Time : 1 hour

Ingredients :

Maida / All Purpose Flour - 3 cups

Sugar - 1 cup

Water - 3/4 cup

Ghee / Butter - 1 tbspn

Salt - a pinch

Method :

1. Take the sugar and water in a sauce pan. Heat it until the sugar dissolves completely and the sugar syrup starts to boil. Then turn off the flame .

2. In a mixing bowl add the maida and salt . Mix well. Then pour the sugar syrup slowly little by little with ladle and make it to dough.

3. Then knead it well to soft dough with hands . Then add the butter / ghee and mix well. Now the dough is ready .

4. Take a portion of dough and dust with flour as needed .Then roll it into a circle like rolling for roti. Roll little thick than roti. Using the knife / pizza cutter / samosa cutter cut diamond shaped .Separate them and keep it in a plate ready for deep frying in oil.

4. Drop the biscuit in the oil and deep fry until its cooked and turns golden. Remove it to the paper towel .

Now the maida biscuits are ready. Store it in air tight container .

maida biscuit

My Notes :

1. This can be last for a week in air tight container.

2. Once the bubble reduced . Remove from oil. It will be soft that time. Later it becomes hard. Dont over cook then it will be too hard later.

3. If you want you can add pinch of baking soda or a tspn of baking powder with maida.

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