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Milk Peda or Doodh Peda is a popular indian sweet that is traditionally made with khoya/mava or evaporated milk. Its a very long process to make . So the simplest way of making this peda is to make with condensed milk and milk powder along with butter. This is very easy dessert made in very less time for all occasions.


Preparation Time : 15 mints | Cooking Time : 15 mints | Makes:10-12 pedas

Ingredients :

Condensed Milk - 1cup (200 ml) Milk powder - 1 cup (200 gm)

Milk - 3 tbspn (to soak saffron) Ghee - 2 tbsp + to grease hands Saffron - 5 strands Pistachios / Nuts - as required of your choice

Method :

1. In a heavy bottom heat the ghee. Once hot keep the pan in low to medium flame. Add the condensed milk give a quick mix. Then add the milk powder.

2. Mix well without any lumps . Soak the saffron in warm milk for 5 mints and add it to the pan. Mix well and cook till it leaves the sides. It ll be done within 3 to 5 mints.

3. Transfer it to the plate. Allow it to cool down. After that grease the hands with ghee and make the pedas to your desired shape & size. Repeat the process to make all pedas . Garnish it with nuts of your choice.

Pedas are ready to serve.


Note :

1. Dont over cook the pedas else it ll be little chewy.

2. keep the flame in low to medium till you make pedas. So that you can avoid from burning.

3. Allow it to cool completely then make the balls. It ll be sticky so grease hands and make pedas.

4. You can also make pedas in microwave. If so take big bowl and mix everything. Cook for every 30 sec and check every time .

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