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Tara Root fry is the side dish had with sambar , rasam , morkuzhambu or even with variety rice. My most favorite fry variety . This is the easiest recipe done with little care . It turns out yummy as equal to potato. In this method of fry it loses the watery texture of the Tara root so it tastes good and crunchy

tara root fry

Preparation Time:20 mints|Cooking Time:20 mints| Serves:3


Tara root - 7 medium sized

oil - 3 tbspn

salt - 1tbspn

Turmeric - 1/2 tspn

Red Chili Powder - 1tspn

Hing - little

Besan flour -2 tspn


1. Wash the tararoot and pressure cook it for two whistle. Once the Pressure is released strain the excess water and allow the tara root to cool down completely.

2. Once cool down peel the skin. Cover and keep the taratoot in freezer for 15 mints. Then remove from freezer , cut into desired size and add salt,turmeric,hing,chili powder and besan flour.

3. Mix well so that the masala get coated well. Then set aside for minimum 15 minutes over the counter top. In a non stick pan heat oil and put the masala coated tararoot.

4. Fry the Tara root until golden brown and remove from flame.

Serve the roasted Tara root fry.

Tara root fry


  1. Keeping in freezer is to avoid the stickiness of the tararoot. If you don't want you can avoid it.

  2. Roast in medium flame so that it wont get burnt.

  3. You can also add little tamarind extract while coating masala if you like the tangy flavor.

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