Raagi / Kezhvaragu / Finger millet is the high fiber and nutritious millet. This can be had as a breakfast or evening tiffin. This is good and healthy diet. It is made by steaming the raagi and mixing with sugar and coconut. You can steam it with puttu maker or idli vessel or anything of your choice.

Preparation Time:15 mints| Cooking Time : 20 mints|Severs: 3


Ingredients :


Raagi Flour -  2 Cups

Salt - Pinch

Water - as required

Sugar - 3/4 Cup

Grated Coconut - 3/4 Cup

Cardamon - little

Ghee - 2 tbspn


Procedure :


1. Take the raagi flour in the mixing bowl with pinch of salt and add water little by little to make the raagi flour to crumble texture. The consistency of the flour should be if you hold in hand it should be like ball once you break it should be powder. This is the correct consistency. Set the flour aside for ten mints.


2. Steam the raagi flour for 10-15 mints in a medium flame. I steamed by keeping open vessel in idli maker. Then once steamed and raw flavor goes. Turn off the stove and transfer to mixing bowl.


3. In the transferred bowl add the ghee,cardamom,sugar and coconut. Mix well.


Serve the hot steamed puttu.

My Notes :


You can adjust the coconut and sugar as per your taste.


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