Pori urundai is a traditional indian snack variety that is especially made during the karthigai deepam festival ( Festival of light ). This is the sweet made of jaggery along with Pori / Puffed Rice. This can also be made with nelpori or aval pori instead of puffed rice. Lets look at the steps to make this pori urundai.

Preparation Time : 10 mints | Cooking Time : 20 mints | Serves : 12- 15 balls


Ingredients :


Pori/Puffed Rice - 3 cups

Jaggery - 3/4 cup

Cardamom powder - 1 tspn

Water - 1/4 cup or little less




1. Add the jaggery and water in a non stick pan and bring it to boil. When the jaggery is completely dissolved then strain it with the filter to remove the impurities in jaggery.


2. Boil the jaggery syrup again and add the cardamon powder. Take the water in small bowl or plate and check for the ball consistency    (thakkali padham in tamil). If you drop the jaggery syrup in water it should be stand firm ( not to dissolve ).


3. If you take the jaggery from water in hand it should form like ball. Then its the correct consistency . Turn off the stove and add the pori to the jaggery and mix well to coat together.


4. Grease the hands with ghee / rice flour and make the balls. Repeat the process to make all balls. Make all the balls before its cool down.


 Pori urundai is ready to serve.


My Notes :


1. You can add the chopped coconut along with cardamom and make it along with urundai.

2. You can increase or decrease the amount of jaggery as per taste.

3. You can drop jaggery syrup often to check foe the soft ball consistency.

4. You can also add few(2 to 3) drops of lemon juice to jaggery once the correct soft ball consistency is achieved , before adding pori .It helps to void  jaggery syrup to be so tight. It also helps to make balls easily. Its completely optional .

5. Grease the hands with ghee or rice flour as per your choice.

6. Make the balls within the pori gets cool down. Once cool down balls cannot be formed.



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