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Paruppu Usili is the most familiar Brahmin or Iyengar recipe . This can be made by mixing the vegetables and toor dal crumbled mixture. Usally this is made by vegetables like cluster beans,broad beans,plantain flower,french beans , mixing of carrot beans etc... This goes well with kuzhambu, rasam , vethakuzhabu and many more. Here comes the recipe of vazhaipoo paruppu usili.

Vazhaipoo usili

Preparation Time:15 mints|Cooking Time:30 mints| Serves:3


Toor Dal - 1/3 cup

Channa dal - 1 tbspn

Red Chili -1

Vazhaipoo - 1 cup chopped

Turmeric - 1tspn

Salt - 1tbspn

Hing - as Required

Oil - 2tbspn

Mustard seeds - 1tspn

Urad dal - 1tspn

Curry Leaves


1. Soak both the Dal Min for an hour. Then drain the water and add the dal to the blender along with the red chili,hing,turmeric and salt(1/2tbspn) and blend it to a coarse paste. Don't add water while grinding.

2. Steam the Grinded dal mixture . You can use any method of steaming. I done in my pressure cooker without putting whistle.Steam it for 7 to 10 mints. Once the steaming is done allow the mixture to cool and if u scramble the dal in hands or put it in blender and whip once u ll get a crumble texture.

3. Chop the vazhaipoo finely and immerse it in the buttermilk. Then pressure cook it for two whistles along with water,salt,turmeric. Add only half salt as we cooked dal with salt.In a pan heat oil and temper it with mustard seeds,urad dal,Curry leaves,vazhaipoo mix well. Then turn off the stove.

Paruppu usili is ready to serve.

paruppu usili vazhaipoo

My Notes :

1. Pressure cooking vazhaipoo will save time if you want you can do open pan cooking also.

2. Immersing in buttermilk is for avoiding the decolonization and to avoid bitterness of vazhaipoo.

3. Instead of steaming dal in cooker you can do it with steamer or idli cooker.

4. Instead of vazhaipoo you can use cluster beans,broad beans,french beans , mixing of carrot beans etc...

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