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semiya upma

Semiya upma is a easy upma variety which is the most suitable tiffin variety for breakfast or tiffin. It is very simple and make it in less time. We can have it along with chutney or sambar or sugar . It goes even well with pickle. Lets look at the step wise steps of making vermicelli upma with vegetables.

Preparation Time:15 mints| Cooking Time : 15 mints|Severs: 4


Vermicelli - 2 cups

Water - 3 cups

Salt - as required

Vegetables - 1 cup(used carrot , beans and green peas)

Onion - 1 small

Green chili - 2

Curry leaves - little

Oil - 2 tbspn

Mustard seeds - 1 tbspn

Channa dal - 2 tbspn

Cashew - as required

Turmeric - 1/4 tbspn

Hing - 1/4 tbspn


1. Dry Roast the vermicelli / semiya until it turns slightly golden.

2. Heat the kadai with oil and add the mustard seeds,channa dal,cashew . Once it turns golden add the g.chili,curry leaves and onion. saute well till onion become soft. Then add the chopped vegetables.

3. Once the vegetables are half done then add the boiled green peas. Cook till vegetables are cooked but it should be crunchy. Then add water and bring it to boil.

4. Once the water started boiling simmer he heat add the roasted vermicelli . Allow it to cook till its done. Now the upma is ready to serve.

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