May 5, 2017

Carrot Almond kheer is a delicious payasam variety which is very simple and easy to make. This is very healthy and nutritious one. This is made of carrot,almonds,sugar and milk . The addition of almonds and saffron to the kheer enhance the flavors. T...

April 11, 2017

Pasiparuppu Payasam / Moong dal kheer is a traditional south indian payasam made during many festivals and poojas. Some may make this payasam by adding coconut milk but  we make this usually with plain milk. This is very easy and quick sweet variety...

April 7, 2017

Jack fruit payasam / Palapazha payasam is a traditional payasam variety that is most popular in Kerala.  This is called as chakka pradhaman in Malayalam. Traditionally this payasam is made with the chakka varatti  ( halwa type made of jack fruit , ja...

March 2, 2017

Badam Kheer  is a rich creamy payasam variety that is made of almond paste,saffron,milk,sugar and cardamom along with the chopped nuts. This is the simple dessert variety that can be made in very less time. It can be served either hot or cold. This i...

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